Coming soon: “Raven Lake Summer”

Coming soon from Bastille Winters, a novella of summer love and lust… “Raven Lake Summer.”

Rejoice “Joi” Barnes and her beloved husband Graham return to her childhood home, Raven Lake, to spend ten weeks without responsibilities. They plan to visit friends, flirt like schoolchildren, and sprawl on the dock. And have a lot of wild, passionate, summer sex.

But unbeknownst to Joi, her childhood heartthrob, Niteesh Miah, has also returned to Raven Lake, turning his mother’s home into his own recording studio. Joi hasn’t seen Nit since she was Rejoice Lomeli, and when she spots his lean body tanning in his yard, her youthful desires reawaken. Can Joi convince Graham that a boyfriend is just what they need for the best summer ever?

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