It's going to be the best summer ever. Raven Lake Summer

You can’t go back to being a kid again. But for Joi it’s enough to take three months off with her beloved husband Graham and spend a carefree summer at Raven Lake, her childhood home. Late, sleepy mornings tangled in the sheets and one another. Skinny dipping in the moonlight.

Unbeknownst to her, Joi’s childhood friend Niteesh now lives next door. The last time Joi saw Nit, she was seventeen and too shy to kiss the cute neighbor boy. Now, the sight of his lean body tanning on his lawn reawakens her youthful desires.

Luckily, the Barnes marriage is an open one, provided everyone clicks. They’ve had a couple of girlfriends together before, but Joi’s got a feeling she’ll want more than double trouble for just one night. Can Joi convince Graham that a first boyfriend is just what they need for the best summer ever?

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